Apply now. First round of applications have been recorded. Applications will now be accepted on a rolling basis. We have space for qualified participants. Questions? Contact Scott Greenwald

The WearScript Project provides a platform for rapidly prototyping and developing powerful networked applications for Glass. WearScript makes it easy to develop applications that use any of the native capabilities of Glass, as well as connect hardware peripherals and network devices. This opens up a world of possibilities in the spaces of augmented reality, internet of things, context-aware computing, quantified self, social media, brain interfaces, and more. Core developers Brandyn White (UMD/Dapper Vision) and Scott Greenwald (ML Fluid Interfaces) will run these events, with the help of the entire WearScript team.

A look at the program:

  • March 24 5pm - 6:30pm: Happy Hour and Glass-enabled Improv Comedy.
  • March 24 7pm - 11pm: Hands-on WearScript Tutorial.
    • Make your Glass control an Arduino
      Link your mobile or desktop with Glass for bidirectional control
  • March 25 10am - 6pm: WearScript Hackathon.
    • Use ideas from the morning design sprint and tools from the workshop to develop your own applications in small teams.
      We’ll go through cycles of forming teams, developing, sharing and regrouping so everyone gets to work on different projects throughout the day.


  • Registration is limited.
  • Glass Explorers and participants from Media Lab and all of MIT will have preference.
  • WearScript WorkShop participants will be able to register for Google's Design Sprint, which will take place directly prior, starting at 1pm on Monday, March 24.
  • Each participant must bring an Android 4.0.3+ device. E.g. Glass, Nexus 4 / 5 / 7, etc.
  • Each participant must bring a laptop.
  • Participants must do software setup in advance.
  • Workshop and hackathon participants must be familiar with HTML5, and experience with Arduino is preferred.
  • Peripheral hardware for the workshop will be provided.
  • A limited number of loaner Glasses will be available for use during the events (but you still need to bring an Android device with you).